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1 Domestic:

Pioneer services are subject to our terms and conditions of Domestic Carriage- Domestic pioneer service and the liability terms incorporated their in . Please read these carefully before you avail of our services.


1 OBC Service:

We have been operating On Board Courier (OBC) Services between India and Bangladesh for long time. We have introduced first OBC service by surface between the two countries and existing as PIONEER in this line of business.

Pioneer SAARC Service

The fastest, most reliable, economic, door to door delivery and priority services of documents, samples, parcels and consignments to and from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Maldives, and Pakistan . Most of the SAARC destinations are served by OBC service i.e. hand carry service from one destination to another.

Features of the services are:

State-of –the art technology indigenously developed, for Track and Trace , MIS Customer service.

Express Delivery:

Express Delivery to all the destinations, Shipments are handled carefully, on forwarding, delivery and feedback will be done very urgently and quickly. Delivery to more than 15800 locations in the SAARC region.

Free pickup from your location:

Will pickup free of cost from your desk. On time track and trace through the net will be provided with information on your exported shipments from pick up to delivery. You can also print, down load proof of delivery. You can also know the status of your shipment from any Pioneer office.

Regulatory Clearance:

All of the papers are passed through regulatory dept by our specialist to resolve your regulatory requirements contact PIONEER for details of the paperwork required to forward / clear your shipments .

Free computerized proof of delivery:

Confirming the date and time of delivery as well as the name of the person who has received the consignment will be provided to the shippers or consignees, You may use tracking and view your proof of delivery.

Delivery of Incoming Shipment:

Delivery of your most important inbound packages from the SAARC Countries will be done smoothly. As our people stay with your docs and remain until delivery.



PIONEER Transport Line is the most sophisticated, economical road transport service providing transportation service throughout Bangladesh . Any weights of consignments are carried under this line of systems. It offers a cost effective logistics solutions for any shipments with the following features:

Time bound delivery:

Fleets of vehicles run to different districts of the country to provide on time and committed delivery. Ask PXL for your different needs of transportation. Part of any consignments and full load of consignments are carried in this service line.

Pickup Convenience:

You may contact PXL to schedule a pickup and your shipment will be picked up, transported and will be delivered to the consignee.

Secure Shipment:

Our own warehouses, manned by trained professional to ensure the safety and security of your shipments, support all the destinations are served by PXL Transport line.


We can carry as much as load you can provide to our transport line. We have proven record of carrying hundreds of tons at a time and also have distribution record .

Can ask for status:

You can see proof of delivery and delivery challans as and when required.

Customize solution:

We provide customize solution to our shippers. For the convenience of the shippers we make certain plans to ensure the delivery schedule (Ask for the customized/strategic plans).



International is responsible for all shipments coming into and leaving the Bangladesh including the shipments handled as Global Service Participant ---- international offers a worldwide air courier service through Alliance Couriers, International mail express for bulk mail worldwide , and international logistics for heavy , bulky shipments that cannot be carried through the scheduled services .



Packing, Sticking, leveling and distribution:

We have trained people for packing sticking leveling special consignments and have experience of doing the same job for more than Ninety tons at a time including distribution of those consignments.

Critical shipment:

Back up and communication to ensure that your diplomatic & special deal lines are met for a.m. evening, weekend & holiday delivery. Any shipment that are bigger in size and weight or critical one please contact our customer service.

System of Distribution :

The system of distribution keeps the prime role for nation wide smooth and dynamic delivery through the tighten schedule. The followings are the principal media for distribution management: -

2 By Surface

2  By Air

The distribution plan will be prepared by management and technical expertise on the basis of clients assignment. For each assignment instructed by clients for the time being. The methodology of distribution, scheduling and other relevant requirements will be prepared for smooth operation. Our trained and experienced personnel are available to provide all assistance regarding clients assignment. The special messenger service provides logistic and technical supports for mission critical emergence and priority based requirement of assignment by client. All the activities of distribution plan will be operate from central business office of Pioneer Courier. Following flow chart shows the nation wide couriers mobilization Operation.

System of Storing:

For safety preservation of publication and other materials to store in bulky volume, Pioneer Courier provides two warehouses in Dhaka city and one in Chittagong city.

Followings are the location of warehouses:

2 51, Motijheel , 2 nd Floor, Dhaka , Occupied Spaces 800 Cft.
2 35/36, Lalkhan Bazar, 1 st Floor, Chittagong , Occupied Spaces 5000 Cft.

The characteristics of the above locations are safe, situated in the central city , easy way to communication, humidity proof , enrich with fire protection equipment, Followings are the criteria to preserve materials :-

2   To collect materials, transportation service and human resource are available for accomplish the required assignment.

2 To keep record of materials, the inventory management system will be follow to ascertain the inflow and outflow of materials from warehouse.

2   For transparent accountability of keeping materials record, there must have follow the store ledger control account of physical inventory system.

2   All reports of inventory management system will be submitted to the clients for the time being or whenever clients required.

The inventory papers are:

2   Supporting receipts of materials.

2   Material Analysis Sheet (Tally clerk report)

2   Materials transfer note.

2   Bin Card (Highlights the receive, issue and balance quantity of materials).

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