FAQ: Does The Courier Have Amnesia?

Does the Courier have memory loss?

The Courier doesn’t have amnesia, he is not from the Mojave, he seems to come from NCR territory, he never asks what is the NCR but rather what people think about them, the Divide destruction could have happened after he was already on another city making another delivery.

Does the Courier have brain damage?

The brain has some small scarring due to Benny shooting the Courier in the head, an event the brain does not remember fondly. Male Couriers with the Confirmed Bachelor perk or females with the Cherchez La Femme can hit on their brain.

Is the Courier amnesiac?

Quote by Joshua Sawyer: ” The Courier is not an amnesiac. Questions about the NCR, Legion, local goings on, etc. are present so the player does not stumble around without a clue.

Did the Courier destroy the divide?

-the courier found the divide, built a road along the divide so it became trading route. -in one task the courier brought an item (maybe the nuke detonator or ED-E) and blew up the divide. -NCR and legion that live there trapped and became marked man. -ulysses got angry because the divide destroyed.

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Can I leave Old World Blues?

you cannot, sir. the only DLC you can leave prematurely is Lonesome Road.

Is the courier a Lobotomite?

The Courier is still considered a lobotomite to Dr. Klein and the other scientists upon completion of Old World Blues.

How did courier survive?

When Elijah mentions the “Big Empty,” the Courier may claim that they have never heard of it before. In Old World Blues, the Courier is revealed to have a special brain condition due to being shot in the head in just the right spot and surviving.

What happened to the Courier after New Vegas?

At the end of New Vegas, the Courier go down 4 very different paths. NCR) The Courier is now a national hero, and has received the highest honor a civilian can have in the NCR. Independent) The Courier has driven off the NCR and Legion, and had created a new independent nation in the Mojave Wasteland.

What is Courier name?

Actually the Courier’s real name is Ahmed, which ties into Benny’s 9/11 reference.

How does Ulysses know the Courier?

Quests. The Job: After having completed The Silo, Ulysses will contact the Courier through ED-E and tell them to come to find him. The Courier: Ulysses is finally confronted by the Courier inside Ulysses’ Temple, beneath the flag of the Old World, as he is about to trigger a second nuclear apocalypse.

What was the package the courier brought to the divide?

And who, or what, sent it, and for what purpose? The package was from the Enclave Base a Navarro, from Fallout 2. When the NCR overran the place, they found a lot of tech that they didn’t know what to do with. However, they had seen the symbols on one of the devices before, at a small town on the way to New Vegas.

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Where is the divide in real life?

The Divide’s location is geographically similar to that of the real world Death Valley, covering the state line of Nevada and California in the Mojave Desert. The real world former town of Ashton, Nevada is located here and the nuclear weapon testing facility, the Nevada Test Site, is located to the northeast.

What did Courier Six do to the divide?

Then, the courier (6) came to the Divide with a package (unknowing of what it was) and delivered it. After leaving the Divide, the package contained a trigger/detonator for the missiles and activated them, which exploded in their silos, scorching the Divide.

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