FAQ: How To Courier A Parcel In Sri Lanka?

How do I send a parcel by courier?

For example, if u want to post a letter then here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Step 1: Buy an envelope from the post office and inserting the letter inside the envelope, paste it and write ‘speed post’ at the top.
  2. Step 2: Mention the receiver’s name, postal address and phone number on the left side of the envelope.

How much does it cost to send a parcel in Sri Lanka?

Postage. The rate of postage on parcels is Rs. 90.00 for the first 250 grams, and part thereof, up to a maximum weight of 20 kg.

Can you send parcels to Sri Lanka?

Interparcel can guarantee some of the cheapest and fastest delivery services to Sri Lanka. This is thanks to our negotiations with leading courier companies, including UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL eCommerce. When booking with Interparcel, you can send a parcel to Sri Lanka from as little as $13.90.

How do I get a parcel delivered to the post office?

How to collect a parcel from your local branch

  1. Check if you can collect. When you buy online, check if the retailer offers Local Collect (delivery to a Post Office branch).
  2. Pick a Post Office. Collect from any of 10,000 Local Collect Post Office branches.
  3. Bring proof of ID. Picked a branch to collect your parcel from?
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How much does it cost to send a parcel from UK to Sri Lanka?

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Sri Lanka? Postage to Sri Lanka costs as little as £17.05 when you book your delivery through Parcel2Go.

How much do couriers charge?

Although most couriers charge by the job, it’s not uncommon to charge by the mile, especially for longer deliveries. For example, $1.50 per mile if you are using a car, $2.00 per mile if you need a pickup or van because of the size of the items.

How much does DHL charge per kg?

According to DHL’s official website, the standard shipping to the United States costs €8.89 for 2Kg and that is €4.45 per Kg. €4.45 to naira is approximately N2,228 (Two thousand, two hundred and twenty right Naira).

How long does it take to send parcel?

The courier delivery time will be 1-3 days after your parcel has been collected.

Can you send chocolate to Sri Lanka?

Now you can take advantage of the chocolate delivery service to Sri Lanka set up by Planète Chocolat, whose teams are able to send your box of chocolate or assortment of pralines to Colombo, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Moratuwa, Jaffna or Negombo.

What is the best way to send a parcel to Australia?

DHL Air Express is the fastest way to send parcels from the UK to Australia, with a transit time of just 3-4 working days. This premium service is fully tracked and includes a courier collection. DPD Pickup Express is another popular option for express shipping to Australia.

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Can I send a phone to Sri Lanka?

Sending phone to Sri Lanka is neither a lengthy process nor an expensive one. When you phone us, our cargo team reaches the location provided by you and collects your phone. It is then packed and delivered to the address you wish as we cover all Sri Lanka.

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