FAQ: How To Get Around Courier Mail Paywall?

How can I access courier-mail for free?

To activate your complimentary access to the Courier-Mail follow the steps below:

  1. Go to My Profile and log in.
  2. Go to My Rewards.
  3. Click the activate now button or copy activation hyperlink.

How do I read a Courier-Mail?

This is a subscriber-only feature. Today’s Paper

  1. Click on the ‘Login’ button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Enter your News account details. Help.
  3. Locate ‘Read Today’s Paper’ button in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  4. Click on the newspaper front cover to begin reading.

How do I bypass Business Standard paywall?

Bypass Paywalls

  1. Download this repo as a ZIP file from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the file and you should have a folder named bypass-paywalls-chrome-master.
  3. Enable Developer Mode.
  4. Drag the bypass-paywalls-chrome-master folder anywhere on the page to import it (do not delete the folder afterwards).

How do I get around newspaper subscriptions?

10 Ways to Read Articles Without Subscription

  1. Opening the page in Incognito Tab.
  2. Stop the page loading before the paywall gets loaded.
  3. Reset Your Browser Cookies.
  4. Save the article as a PDF.
  5. Look for the Duplicate Article.
  6. Use a VPN Service.
  7. Use Outline to read articles without a subscription.
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How can I bypass paywall?

The easiest way to bypass a paywall is to use reading extensions such as Reader Mode. Reader Mode will take the body of an article and convert it into a pretty and distraction-free format. Most importantly, it will remove the overlay elements that made it impossible to read the restricted article.

How much is the Courier Mail paper?

For just $1/day you can get the paper delivered plus full digital access (minimum cost $31 and conditions apply). Our member benefits program +Rewards is available only to digital subscribers.

Is the Courier Mail app free?

Plus you can customise your news alerts in the Settings menu, found within All Sections. The Courier-Mail app is free to download, and you’ll be able to access our free content and enable the news notifications on your phone.

Can I read the Courier Online?

To see it simply go to “Digital Editions” in the grey line near the top of the site (the one that begins Home, News, Sport). There you will see the Digital Editions of our papers. Click on the Courier, which is free to read. You can turn the pages just like you do with the paper version.

How do I cancel my Courier Mail digital subscription?

How can I cancel, change or upgrade my subscription? If you wish to cancel or change your current subscription offer, you can do this by calling 1300 MY NEWS (1300 696 397).

Is bypassing paywalls illegal?

Yes, It’s Illegal to Cheat a Paywall.

Is Unpaywall safe?

Is Unpaywall legal? Yes! We harvest content from legal sources including repositories run by universities, governments, and scholarly societies, as well as open content hosted by publishers themselves. We do not harvest from sources of dubious legality like ResearchGate or Sci-Hub.

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How do you find scholarly articles without paying?

Find Free Versions

  1. Check for a free version of your chosen paper through the Open Access Button, available through that website or as a browser extension.
  2. Search for your paper through PubMed, which includes health and medicine related papers.
  3. Search with Google Scholar.
  4. Try a regular web search.

How can I get free paid articles?

How can I open paid articles for free?

  1. Sci-Hub.
  2. Library Genesis.
  3. Unpaywall.
  4. Directory of Open Access Journals.
  5. Open Access Button.
  6. ScienceOpen.
  7. CORE.

How can I read the Wall Street Journal for free?

If you can’t spare the change for a Wall Street Journal digital subscription ($1.99/week), there’s a simple way to view any locked page for free. All it takes is a simple Google Chrome extension called “Read WSJ,” which places a little “unlock” button next to any locked articles.

How can I read NYT articles for free?

How to continue reading the new york times online for free

  1. Read For Free: Easy Version.
  2. Use Social Media Feeds.
  3. Use the NYTClean Bookmarklet.
  4. User the NY Times Paywall User Script.
  5. Install the New York Times Paywall Smasher for Google Chrome.
  6. Access the Site Using a Proxy.
  7. Use Google to Read 5 Articles for Free Daily.

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