FAQ: How To Pack A Shirt For Courier?

How do you pack clothes for delivery?

If you’re using a box, make sure to wrap the clothing in something waterproof – bubble wrap or plastic bags. When you’re happy with this, simply seal the box well using a few layers of strong parcel tape, and you’re ready to send! Get a quote from one of our trusted, reliable couriers now!

What packaging should I send clothes in?

Packaging Materials Most clothes that are shipped are sent in a simple plastic envelope called a poly mailer. They are inexpensive and practical as the clothes simply slide in and they can be fastened with ease. If you are shipping clothes that you have sold, then it is important to pack the clothes well.

What is the best way to send clothes in the post?

It is best to get the clothing as flat and as neat as possible whether you’re sending the item in a bag or a box. To help reduce creasing, you can steam items if you feel confident or use tissue paper in between the folds.

Can I send a shirt in an envelope?

If you’re shipping just one T-shirt, your best option would be First Class Package Service through USPS, with a poly mailer or soft envelope. Since most T-shirts weigh about 13 ounces, you’ll be able to ship those T-shirts out at a minimal cost with First Class Package Service.

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What is the cheapest way to ship a shirt?

USPS First Class Mail is cheapest overall at around the $5 mark, or even less depending on weight. Using an envelope or small box with USPS is roughly equivalent in price. In this case, either the envelope or the small Flat Rate box would get you postage at around $8.

Can you send a parcel in a plastic bag?

Place inside a strong container such as strong polythene bag and seal securely with tape. Place inside a second container and seal again. The double-wrapped item should be placed in a rigid corrugated box to prevent leakage or tainting of other items.

Can I send clothes with DPD?

Lampshades, clothes and Christmas crackers are just some of the items DPD will not deliver if you pack the parcel yourself. But other products may come as a shock to consumers such as Christmas crackers, chocolate and shoes. Other items that can’t be delivered include art, cameras, documents, lampshades and posters.

How much is it to post a shirt?

fashion uk I now send Standard 1st Class and on average the cost is £2.70 and £2.90 for the bigger sizes like XL and XXL. If I make the parcel small is becomes thicker by the time the t-shirts gets folded into 3.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel?

If you’re sending an item yourself and, having checked the options, have found that Royal Mail is the cheapest – or not far off it – the good news is that Royal Mail is offering to waive its usual fee of 72p per parcel (or 60p per prepaid return parcel) and collect up to five parcels a day for free until Sunday 30 May.

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