FAQ: How To Send A Recurve Bow By Courier Post?

Can you ship bows in the mail?

Registered. Usps is the best way to ship a bow. I have bought and sold several bows and shipped them around the world. Ups is dobbel the price.

How much does it cost to ship a bow?

It normally costs me around $35 by Priority Mail via USPS. Cost me around $40 both times I did it. I just shipped bow and bowcase together and it was 34 bux.

How do you package a compound bow for shipping?

I use an old bow box (i make sure it’s long enough that the cams have space at the ends so that if it is dropped it won’t ground out on cams) and wrap and tape bubble wrap or rags around the cams and fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts or newspaper then make sure i insure it for the selling price.

Are recurve bows legal?

Recurve bows are allowed to use in the state of California for hunting all the animals without any restrictions of specific arrows, broadheads, length of the arrow. Recurve bows are allowed within the state of Connecticut, if you are going to hunt deer and turkey then policy requires a minimum 40 pounds draw weight.

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Can I ship a bow and arrow?

stick the bow in the case into the box and ship it, you’ll have to send the arrow case seperatly this way but it’s the easiest way to get a box big enough for the bow to fit. i actually preffer usps for shipping just because i’ve had more bad experinces with ups so i don’t totally trust them.

How do I unsubscribe from bow box?

-You can cancel or skip a month on your subscription at any time by logging in to your profile and clicking “Edit my subscription “. -If you cancel after you renew, the next months Bow Box will be your last one. You are not automatically refunded nor will you be charged again.

Can you ship a compound bow internationally?

Yes, you can ship archery arrows internationally if you pack them properly. Wrap each arrowhead with bubble wrap and secure with rubber band or tape. Extra sharp heads must be covered in cardboard or paper first.

Can I ship a compound bow to Canada?

In most cases, the FedEx service is the best option – although USPS services are also offered for shipments to Canada. Of course, you will have to pay applicable import fees (GST, PST, Brokerage Fees, etc.) upon delivery. Contact your local taxing authority for estimating your costs to import archery equipment.

Can I shoot a bow and arrow in my backyard?

Legally, there are no laws specifically prohibiting archery in any place. There are non-specific laws that would cover public endangerment (real or perceived) if you were shooting somewhere where the public may be at risk (or may think they are at risk). Even in your own garden those laws would apply.

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Is it illegal to carry a bow and arrow in public?

IMNSHO, technically, you should be fine to carry a strung bow in public, but pragmatically speaking, it would be inviting trouble with the police. Carrying a bow in a bag or case should be perfectly acceptable.

What Animals Can you hunt with a recurve bow?

Traditional Deer Hunting Gear Needed. A traditional bow or hunting recurve is more than adequate to take a whitetail deer or much larger game as well. Elephant, Cape buffalo and most African big game trophies, as well as elk, moose, Alaska brown bears plus much more, have been taken with traditional archery equipment.

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