FAQ: How To Send Watch Through Courier?

How do you courier a watch?

Yes you can send it through speedpost. The parcel must be properly packed and sealed. Yes you can send a watch. You may opt simple Speed Post or SP with Insurance and acknowledgment facility for a better and extra secure delivery.

How do I ship a watch for shipping?

If you’re shipping the watch without its original box, use extra bubble wrap and seal it with tape so it can’t come off. Then put it inside a cardboard box. Finally, place the cardboard box inside a second, larger one (also padded with bubble wrap) and seal it shut with heavy-duty packing tape.

How do you send a watch?

How to pack a watch for shipping by courier or post

  1. Use bubble wrap to protect the watch and secure it with tape.
  2. Put the watch in its original packaging or a small cardboard box, previously padded.
  3. Put this box into a larger one, also previously padded.
  4. Seal and label the parcel (if needed).

How do I ship a Rolex watch?

Shipping Recommendations You should pack the watch in a box with bubble wrap (Do not send original watch box). The post office will use paper tape to seal the seams and then stamp the seams to show the box has not been tampered with during shipping.

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How do I ship an expensive watch?

UPS is Generally the Best Carrier for a Luxury Watch Shipment. For shipping out luxury watches of a higher value, UPS is the best carrier of choice.

Can we Courier pen drive?

If the primary packaging is of plastic and hardboard as in case of most devices, you can cover it with a sheet of bubble wrap and send it in courier bags. If it’s a personal use pen drive, carefully wrap it in multiple layers of bubble wrap and ship it in poly mailers.

How do I ship a vintage watch?

Packaging Your Vintage Watch We recommend that you place the watch in a zip-loc bag, then wrap the bagged watch in bubble wrap or other well-padded material, and then place it in the center of a small rigid cardboard box with additional padding around it.

How are luxury watches delivered?

All UK Purchases are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees to have your watch with you by 1pm signed for and fully insured.

Is it safe to ship a Rolex?

It is best to thoroughly protect your Rolex when mailing it, and not subject it to any unnecessary damage while in transit. Although you will be sending us your original Rolex box and paperwork (if you still have them), you will not be putting your Rolex in it when you send it to us.

Can you send money by post?

If you’re sending valuables, money or jewellery in the post, you should use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®. Money should be packaged securely and shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Don’t indicate anywhere on the packaging that money is enclosed.

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What is the safest way to send documents by post?

USPS International Mailing The United States Postal Service is still the safest option for international mailing. With all the international shipping options, you can include a signature requirement for an additional $3.05. It may be a wise decision, especially since your documents are traveling across the globe.

How do you post expensive items?

Choose the right sending option Make sure you send anything valuable, like jewellery, cash or vouchers, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®. You’ll get end-to-end tracking, a signature on delivery, and guaranteed next-day delivery.

Does Rolex ship watches?

Rolex ships its watches in a special shipping safe separate from the watch boxes you see in the jewelry store. The shipping case is very small but durable.

How do I mail a watch for repairs?


  1. DO NOT send your watch in any box or packing material that you want returned.
  2. DO NOT ship your watch in a padded envelope.
  3. ALWAYS put the watch in a BOX for shipping.
  4. Before you send your watch in for repair, print the above form and make sure you include the form in the package with the watch.

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