FAQ: Is The Courier From Lonesome Road?

Where is the Courier from?

Upon learning from the Lonesome Drifter that he is from Montana and looking for his disappeared father, the Courier can, if he is male and has the Lady Killer perk, ask the Drifter if he would not happen to be exactly 17 years old.

How does Ulysses know the Courier?

Quests. The Job: After having completed The Silo, Ulysses will contact the Courier through ED-E and tell them to come to find him. The Courier: Ulysses is finally confronted by the Courier inside Ulysses’ Temple, beneath the flag of the Old World, as he is about to trigger a second nuclear apocalypse.

Is the Courier a vault dweller?

The Courier was shown wearing an armored Vault 21 jumpsuit during Fallout: New Vegas previews and in the ending. As mentioned by Elijah on his radio frequency in Dead Money, the Courier carries Collar 21, assuming the Courier had stolen a Pip-Boy from a Vault 21 dweller.

Where can I find a courier?

Watch The Courier (2021) | Prime Video.

What is the couriers real name?

My Courier’s birth name is Kelvin White, but in-game his name is “Coyote”. It’s a nickname he earned when he was an NCR Ranger, and he only answers to it as his name.

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How old is the lone wanderer?

The Lone Wanderer has a confirmed birth date of July 13, 2258. This means the protagonist has one of the few confirmed birth dates in the game. It also confirms the Lone Wanderer was 19 at the time of Fallout 3. It is interesting to think that a 19-year-old changed the Capital Wasteland so much.

Who dies in the Courier?

Wynne makes sure Penkovsky knows his sacrifice is worth it. Penkovsky is executed and buried in an unmarked grave. Wynne is eventually released in a prisoner exchange for a Russian spy Konon Molody.

Is the courier amnesiac?

Quote by Joshua Sawyer: ” The Courier is not an amnesiac. Questions about the NCR, Legion, local goings on, etc. are present so the player does not stumble around without a clue.

Can you get Ulysses as a follower?

After finishing the events of Lonesome Road, if Ulysses survived, you can recruit him as a permanent companion to follow you throughout the Mojave.

Why does Ulysses wear a mask?

Characteristics. This face mask is designed to protect the wearer from environmental hazards. When Ulysses is encountered in the Divide, he will be wearing this mask along with his duster.

What did Courier Six do to Ulysses?

All of the missiles there were dormant, still, in their silos. Ulysses was there on business for the Legion, and saw the hope the community had and felt hope too. Then, the courier (6) came to the Divide with a package (unknowing of what it was) and delivered it.

Why did Benny shoot the courier?

In the event Benny would have equipped a Stealth Boy in order to sneak up on the Courier and initiate dialogue in which he would mock them for showing him mercy and after that go into attack mode, which would most likely cause him to be killed by the Courier. This event was cut from the final game.

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Is the courier a cyborg?

Courier – Becomes a cyborg after their visit to Big MT. Lobotomites – humans captured by the Big MT and surgically altered with “enhancements” like the complete removal of the brain replaced with artificial components, like Tesla coils.

How many times did Benny shoot the courier?

It was twice. The Courier didn’t see the second shot due to be knocked out by the first one.

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