FAQ: What Do Gage Courier Packages Do?

Where are all the packages in Payday 2?

Package Locations

  • Armored Transport. Crossroads. Downtown. Harbor. Park. Train. Underpass.
  • Bank Heist.
  • Car Shop.
  • Cook Off.
  • Diamond Store.
  • GO Bank.
  • Jewelry Store.
  • Shadow Raid.

What is offshore account payday2?

The Offshore Payday (accessible from the Crime.net map) allows players to receive cards without having to complete heists by betting Offshore money. All the types of Cards that you can get during a payday.

How do you get the Stealth diamond in Payday 2?

spin through the cameras to see where the guards are and head round to pick the back door which is up a set of metal stairs. Once all the guards are down you can either try to control the store and street or take the faster option which is to use up your cable ties then blast everyone with a ‘!’

What engine is used in big oil payday 2?

One nozzle, ≥ 5783 psi OR Deuterium is engine 2. Two nozzles, ≤ 5812 psi OR Deuterium is engine 5.

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How many DLCS does payday 2 have?

Since release, over thirty downloadable content (DLC) packages have been released for the game including new heists, weapons and game mechanics.

Who is the elephant in PAYDAY 2?

The Elephant is the Crime.NET alias of Senator John Henry Simmons, a Washington, D.C. based politician who is in the midst of an election race during the events of PAYDAY 2. He is a supporting character in PAYDAY 2 and a contractor.

How do you get infamy in PAYDAY 2?

Message from Bain regarding Infamy 2.0 The requirements for leveling up one’s Infamy are:

  1. $200,000,000 offshore money (first 5 levels only).
  2. Reputation 100.
  3. Not having an active Crime Spree. (You must now claim your rewards before going infamous)

How do you get continental coins in PAYDAY 2?

Continental coins can be earned through the following:

  1. Gaining experience ( 1 per every 500,000 XP earned, when not playing Crime Spree)
  2. Completing daily Safe House Side Jobs, all granting 6.
  3. Unlocking Trophies that grant 6 when earned.
  4. Completing Safe House Raids, granting 6 each time.

Can I have an offshore bank account?

Despite what you may hear, offshore banking is completely legal. It’s not about tax evasion or other illegal activities. It’s simply about legally diversifying your political risk by putting your liquid savings in sound, well-capitalized institutions where they are treated best.

What does the offshore account do?

An offshore, or overseas, bank account is one that you have in a country you don’t reside in. They allow you to make and receive payments, hold money and set up savings and investment accounts in multiple currencies.

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What does offshore money do in Payday 2?

The offshore Payday is a kind of casino that lets you bet your offshore money(where most of your money from a heist goes). You can choose from different card types, from weapon mods to masks to colours. Next, you can “safe” your cards.

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