FAQ: Which Type Of Shield For Imp Courier?

What to use Imperial Courier for?

Officially, the Imperial Courier is used to provide transport for Imperial officials who do not warrant the privilege of an Imperial Cutter or a Majestic-Class Interdictor. However, its flexibility means that it fills many roles for the Imperial Navy and prominent citizens of the Empire.

How do you get the imperial courier?

Imperial Courier, unlocked at Imperial Navy Rank 3 (Master) Imperial Clipper, unlocked at Imperial Navy Rank 7 (Baron)

Is the Diamondback scout good?

In combat, the Diamondback Scout is very effective. It has exceptional mobility and a small body letting it dodge with ease, resulting in a ship that can be incredibly nimble and tough to hit.

What is the Diamondback Explorer good for?

Thanks to the ability to fit a class 5 Frame Shift Drive and a 32t Fuel Tank, this ship is excellent for exploration. Even with a full combat outfit, the ship maintains an impressive jump range. This ship is quite heavy for its size, and is currently the largest hull mass ship capable of utilizing small landing pads.

Where do I get empire rank up missions?

Rank-Up missions will appear exclusively in the Follow On Missions section. Your current reputation with the superpower (Empire/Federation) that you wish to Rank with must be positive. These missions are only available at starports and outposts that are controlled by factions aligned with the relevant superpower.

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How do you get a federal assault ship?

The Federal Assault Ship is a ship manufactured by Core Dynamics for the Federation. Purchasing it requires achieving a Federal Navy rank of Chief Petty Officer. It is a combat-specialised variant of the Federal Dropship, gaining improved speed and manoeuvrability without compromising firepower or defence.

Is Viper mk3 good?

Overview. The Viper MkIII is a vessel commonly used by station security forces and law enforcement, and is currently one of the fastest ships available on the market. With proper fitting, the Viper is an excellent fighter capable of standing its ground against more expensive ships.

What is the federal dropship good for?

The Dropship is a very good combat vessel. As a trader, the Dropship has 164T of space to haul cargo. This is very good for a medium ship; and is the fifth best of all non-large ships.

How much is a federal Corvette?

You’ll have more than enough. Mine cost about 450m, total. PVE only of course. The reactive armour costs around that on its own.

Is the Diamondback Explorer good for combat?

The Diamondback Explorer is very effective in both exploration and combat roles, though limited internal space limits many multipurpose outfitting options (i.e.- Pirating/Smuggling), in favor of a more dedicated single task. Even with a full combat outfit, the ship maintains an impressive jump range.

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