How To Return Items To Other Team On Courier Dota?

How does courier work Dota 2?

The Courier is used to deliver items to players on the field of battle and generates passive gold for its owner. Each player has their own personal courier. The courier is invulnerable in its home fountain. When killed, any items it was carrying will be inaccessible until it respawns.

How do I take items from courier?


  1. Move the courier to fountain.
  2. Move the courier to the secret shop.
  3. Put back the items in your stash.
  4. Take your items from stash.
  5. Give to you your items that are in the courier.
  6. Speed boost, for the upgraded courier, you can get a temporary speed boost.

How many couriers are there in Dota 2?

There are 184 custom couriers in Dota 2.

How do you courier?

How to Send a Parcel Through a Courier Service

  1. Package your parcel safely.
  2. Measure your parcel.
  3. Pick a trusted courier service.
  4. Book a pick-up.
  5. Print and attach shipping labels.
  6. Track your parcel.

How do you unlock Onibi style?

This item is obtained at The International 2016 Battle Pass level 2000. It unlocks an extra style for the Onibi courier.

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How can I send a parcel from home?

Here’s How Courier Home Can Help You

  1. Choose your shipment. Enter your pickup and delivery details along with the weight in the search box.
  2. Select courier partner. Based on your requirement select a courier partner.
  3. Pack and ship. Pack your orders, print labels and hand it over to the courier partner.
  4. Track.

How do I use cheats in Dota?

How can I use Dota 2 Cheats?

  1. Run a lobby or a bot match.
  2. Pick your hero and go back to the main menu.
  3. Press the console button.
  4. Write sv_cheats 1 in the console and press Enter. The cheats are now enabled!
  5. Get back to the game and apply cheats in the chat box.

How do you give a ward?

As of the current patch (7.06f), you just Ctrl + click on the ward, then click on your teammate. You can drop the wards by dragging the wards to any ground and let your partner take it or you can directly drag the wards to your partner.

How do you spawn a friendly hero in demo?

There are just two commands which will summon a hero:

  1. Chat Command: “-createhero” followed by the hero’s internal name.
  2. Console Command: “dota_create_unit” followed by the hero’s internal name.

How do I send courier to secret shop?

You dont need to open the Shop manualy. Then just click on the courier to send him back to base (“W”) or let him deliver the item to you. Another Tip: Always talk to your teammates when you sending the courier to the Secret Shop.. so if they need something too it saves courier time.

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Where can I get unusual Courier in Dota 2?

Random Unusual Couriers can be found from Treasure Chests at approximately 1-2% chance. Unusual couriers come with an Ethereal Gem, which gives a custom particle effect, and a Prismatic Gem, which gives the effect a color. Each treasure chest has its own list of possible couriers.

What are wards in Dota 2?

What are wards? In Dota 2, your hero has some amount of vision around them where you can see everything. Similarly through shared vision, you can see everything around your teammates’ heroes, that of friendly creeps, towers, controlled units and summons.

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