How To Socket Courier Gems?

How do you socket ethereal gem on courier?

Ethereal Gems can only be placed in a rare socket, which are only found on Unusual couriers. These couriers are unboxed at a very low chance from Treasures. Ethereal Gems can only be extracted with a Master Artificer’s Hammer. Doing so will permanently destroy the courier.

How do you get unusual couriers in Dota 2?

Random Unusual Couriers can be found from Treasure Chests at approximately 1-2% chance. Unusual couriers come with an Ethereal Gem, which gives a custom particle effect, and a Prismatic Gem, which gives the effect a color. Each treasure chest has its own list of possible couriers.

How do you use an artificial hammer?

To purchase and use one you must first select the hero you want gems removed from the Heroes tab. Then, click the customize button. Finally, click the small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the item’s image. This will bring up a menu where you can select reset, extract, add socket, or add a gem.

How do you extract prismatic gems?

Prismatic Gems can only be extracted with a Master Artificer’s Hammer. Doing so will destroy the base item and any general gems socketed.

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What is the use of master artificer’s hammer?

A powerful enchanted hammer used to extract Prismatic and Ethereal gems. This item will destroy the item it is used on. This item is used to remove Prismatic Gems and Ethereal Gems.

How do you add gems to items?

To use an Artificer’s Chisel on an item you can right click on it within your armory or click on the Add Socket button located on the socketing window. Each chisel has five uses. At the bottom of the socketing screen you’ll see a list of your gems. To add a gem drag it into the empty socket and select Apply.

How do you put gems on items?

Gems can be added to sockets in the “Item Socketing” window, which can be opened by holding shift and right clicking on a socketed item. The gems are then dragged into the slots, and the “Socket Gems” button is pressed to apply the gems.

What do gems do Dota 2?

They are hero-specific. These gems gives the item the ability to track in-game stats. Adding an Inscribed Gem changes the item’s Quality to Inscribed. These gems allow the item to track the number of games viewed in a certain league, tournament, or played by a certain team.

What is master artificer hammer Dota 2?

Dota 2. Mythical Tool. A powerful hammer used to extract Prismatic and Ethereal gems. Using a Master Artificer’s Hammer will destroy the item it is used on.

How do you add a kinetic gem to an item?

How to insert a kinetic gem Dota 2?

  1. Choose the Hero.
  2. Click on the skin.
  3. Click “Add Gem” if there is a slot.

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