Often asked: How To Cancel Dtdc Courier?

Can I cancel my courier?

If you cancel your order after it has been confirmed by the courier partner, Courierhome shall have a right to charge you cancellation fee of a minimum INR 60 up to the order value, with a right either not to refund the courier charges or to recover from your subsequent order.

Can I refuse Dtdc courier?

DTDC reserves the right to refuse the consignor not conforming to these terms and conditions without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

How do you cancel a parcel?


  1. Step 1: Click on “All Parcels” and choose “Parcel Status”
  2. Step 2: Choose the order you want to cancel.
  3. Step 3: Click on the “Cancel Parcel”
  4. Step 4: Choose your reason and click “OK” to confirm.
  5. Step 5: Click “OK” to confirm the request for cancellation.

How do I cancel a DHL shipment?

If you’ve already sent the package, there is no way to cancel or refund your DHL Express shipment. DHL Express does not support canceling shipments. If you’ve never given DHL Express the package to ship, DHL Express will not charge you for the printed label or the shipment itself.

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How can I cancel my courier in professional courier?

Th Professional Couriers would cancel the booking and refund the charges received at the time of booking in case the consignor issues a STOP PROCEEDING INSTRUCTION through mail to [email protected] and that too within 2 hours from the time of booking or before the expiry of the date of the booking whichever is less.

Can I refuse a parcel?

Can you refuse a parcel delivered to you? Yes. You don’t have to accept the delivery or any package that you either did not request it or you don’t want it. You can refuse the delivery in person when the courier arrives at your address or have someone else do it on your behalf.

What is owner risk in DTDC?

What is risk surcharge? It is a provision from the company for the benefit of the customer to protect against the transit risks when the goods are not insured by consignor. The coverage is extended if customer chooses to avail the provision by paying the stipulated risk coverage charges.

How long does DTDC delivery take?

How long does DTDC take to deliver? Usually 2-7 days. It highly depends on delivery mode and origin/destination.

How do I cancel my parcel India Post?

You can cancel the booking only before the article is inducted at post office. Cancellation Service is provided only if you have booked the article through your registered account.To cancel your mail go to Home>>Menu>>Mailservices>>ManageMail>>Cancel Booked Mail.

How can I change my courier in easy parcel?

Step 1: Go to “Support” on your dashboard and click “Self Service Centre”.

  1. Step 2: Click on “Drop-Off”.
  2. Step 3: Under the tab of “Drop-Off”, select the parcel and choose courier branch as your drop-off point.
  3. Step 4: Select your preferred drop-off point and click on “Drop-Off” to proceed.
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How do I cancel an order before it ships?

Generally, yes you can. I would suggest calling the company right away to cancel the duplicate order before it ships out. Many online companies will not charge until your item ships, they’ll place an authorization hold (pending charge) until then.

Who is the CEO of DTDC?

Subhasish Chakraborty, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of DTDC pioneered DTDC’s unique franchise-based business model that is not only the first of its kind in the Industry but also has been emulated overseas and studied as a business case by leading management institutes.

Which is better DTDC or Bluedart?

Major eCommerce companies prefer Bluedart to DTDC for sending their products. Blue Dart has earned the trust of customers and it also backed up by the DHL group. Whereas DTDC is not offering such kind of tracking APIs.

Why DTDC is so late?

Also courier service started working already, then why so much delay? Your mobile number was not updated at booking, which is why you may not have received the info. Post lockdown only essentials are allowed to be delivered. Hence the shipment has been on hold.

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