Often asked: How To Remove Ford Courier Radio?

How do you remove a Ford factory radio?

Insert the tools far enough until you detect a click. Push the DIN tools slightly outward and then pull the radio toward you and out of the dash. Disconnect the plug and antenna connection on the back of the radio by pulling them out with a firm outward motion. Your factory radio has been removed.

How do you use the Ford radio removal tool?

The OTC Ford radio removal tool is easy to use just insert tools into the holes on the radio face plate to release the retaining clips, then use them as a handle to pull the radio from the instrument panel.

How do you remove a factory radio?

How to Remove a Factory Car Stereo

  1. Locate the screws that hold the dash plate in place. Then, use the appropriate screwdriver to remove them by turning them counterclockwise until they come out of the holes.
  2. Remove the stereo bolts.
  3. Put your hand behind the stereo and grasp the antenna wire.
  4. Disconnect the power.

How can I get the code for my Ford radio for free?

How do I get my ford radio code for free?

  1. Press and hold radio buttons 1 and 6 (sometimes 2 and 6) at the same time to start the scrolling information, the serial number is displayed at the end.
  2. The radio serial number must start with the letter “M” or “V” followed by 6 digits.
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How do I get the CD code for my Ford 6000?

You can get the radio activation code from the unique serial number which identifies the unit. To locate this serial, it is as simple as turning on the radio and holding the preset buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. You should be able to see the serial displayed the last with this format V123456.

How do you get a stuck car stereo out?

First, turn your car off if it isn’t already. While the car is off, hold the power and the eject button. Press your CD player’s power and eject buttons down at the same time, holding them for about ten seconds. If your stereo has a “force eject” feature, it should spit out the CD.

How do you use stereo removal pins?

The pins are inserted into the face of radio. The face will have four small holes for this purpose. The tool should be inserted straight in until you hear or feel a notching sensation. At that point you will apply outward force to the removal tool.

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