Often asked: How To Send Blood Sample By Courier In India?

How can I send blood sample by courier in India?

You can send blood samples to India through either World courier or pdp couriers. You have to call them for the progress. You can also send through FedEx. FedEx has clinical parcel section.

How do you pack a blood sample for transportation?

To ensure public safety, please use a three-part packing system:

  1. Leak-proof primary specimen container.
  2. Leak-proof secondary packaging — a sealable plastic bag with one patient’s specimens per bag.
  3. Rigid outer packaging to protect the specimen containers if the package is dropped.

How do you package blood?

Always package tubes of blood separately from any other evidence items in a crushproof container. Evidence that is wet or that may contain body fluids (blood, semen, etc.) must be air-dried completely. Such items should be packaged in paper bags/boxes.

How are clinical samples transported?

Specimens may be transported through the pneumatic tube system if approved by Pneumatic Tube Administration. This includes blood culture bottles (if placed in plastic carrier), Vacutainer® tubes and swabs. Specimens should be in tightly sealed, leak proof containers and transported in sealable, leak-proof plastic bags.

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Why is there a need for immediate centrifugation of blood samples?

Centrifuge Promptly It is important to separate the cellular and liquid portions of a blood specimen as soon as possible when the test requires a sample of serum or plasma. This is because the cells interact with the serum/plasma, altering its chemical composition and affecting test results.

Can I send blood?

Yes, with the right packaging. If the blood you’d like to mail is pathogen-free, the United States Postal Service is happy to transport it by ground or air. (Same goes for saliva, urine, and stool samples.)

What is the ideal temperature required for blood sample transportation?

Since they are stored at room temp there is a risk of bacterial contamination therefore the temperature in the platelet storage area should be maintained at ambient temperature below +24 degree C Platelets should be transported in a blood transport box that keeps the temperature in the correct range of about 20 degree

How do I ship a frozen blood sample?

FedEx requires that the primary container for frozen blood samples must be a watertight receptacle with a leak-proof seal or stopper, reinforced by a tape closure. The primary container must be wrapped, separated from other specimens, and placed into a secondary leakproof container for further protection.

How do you transport a specimen?

Specimens should be placed in tightly sealed containers; the containers should be free of any external spillage, and the specimens should be transported in plastic biohazard ziplock bags. 2. Collect the specimen from the actual site of infection, avoiding contamination from adjacent tissues or secretions.

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How long can an SST sit unspun?

Unspun whole blood (room temperature): 2 hrs. Spun SST: Refrigerated: 3 days. Spun PST: Refrigerated: 12 hours.

How is blood used as evidence?

The most common applications of blood evidence are: Finding blood with the victim’s genetic markers (ABO blood type, DNA profile, etc.) on the suspect, on something in the suspect’s possession, or something associated with the suspect (such as the suspect’s fingerprints).

What are the different types of blood evidence?

Bloodstains are classified into three basic types: passive stains, transfer stains and projected or impact stains.

What are the 8 steps of packaging evidence?

Terms in this set (11)

  • Obtain a search warrant.
  • Secure and Isolate the crime scene.
  • Record the scene.
  • Conduct a systematic search for evidence.
  • Collect and package physical evidence.
  • Maintain and chain of custody.
  • Obtain controls.
  • Submit evidence to the laboratory.

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