Often asked: Where Was Courier Six Shot In The Head?

Where did Benny shoot the Courier?

Using Yes Man, Benny was able to discover the route the Courier would take, and hired Jessup, McMurphy and Chance to help him finish the job. The Courier was bound, gagged, shot in the head, buried in an unmarked grave at Goodsprings Cemetery, and left for dead.

How many times does the Courier get shot in the head?

It was twice. The Courier didn’t see the second shot due to be knocked out by the first one.

Is the Courier brain damaged?

The brain has some small scarring due to Benny shooting the Courier in the head, an event the brain does not remember fondly. The Courier’s brain can be implanted into the Courier’s skull after the end of Old World Blues by using the “Swap Bodyparts” option on the Sink’s Auto-Doc; this gives the Big Brained perk.

How many times does Benny shoot?

According to Lanius you have two bullet marks in your face, but Benny shot you once.

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Why does Benny shoot the courier?

He wanted to keep the platinum chip conspiracy among as few people as possible. He didn’t want a potential witness to go crying to House, so he killed the courier well out of the range of House and his securitrons. so he killed the courier well out of the range of House and his securitrons.

How do you seduce Benny?

use a [Black Widow] perk to seduce Benny; [Speech 65] agree but only if Benny go with you right away.

What is the couriers real name?

My Courier’s birth name is Kelvin White, but in-game his name is “Coyote”. It’s a nickname he earned when he was an NCR Ranger, and he only answers to it as his name.

Who is the courier based on?

As shown in the credits of the movie, The Courier is a true story of Greville Wynne who was appointed by the Secret Intelligence Service in 1960 to make a quick sales trip in Moscow and arrange meetings with important state officials, while also reporting all the details of the conversation back to the MI6.

Who dies in the Courier?

Wynne makes sure Penkovsky knows his sacrifice is worth it. Penkovsky is executed and buried in an unmarked grave. Wynne is eventually released in a prisoner exchange for a Russian spy Konon Molody.

Can I leave Old World Blues?

you cannot, sir. the only DLC you can leave prematurely is Lonesome Road.

Is the courier a Lobotomite?

The Courier is still considered a lobotomite to Dr. Klein and the other scientists upon completion of Old World Blues.

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How did courier survive?

When Elijah mentions the “Big Empty,” the Courier may claim that they have never heard of it before. In Old World Blues, the Courier is revealed to have a special brain condition due to being shot in the head in just the right spot and surviving.

Why does Mr House want the platinum chip?

Mr. House has big plans for his Strip and he needs a proper army to enforce them. To this end, he wants the platinum chip to upgrade his securitrons on the Strip.

What happened to the Courier after New Vegas?

At the end of New Vegas, the Courier go down 4 very different paths. NCR) The Courier is now a national hero, and has received the highest honor a civilian can have in the NCR. Independent) The Courier has driven off the NCR and Legion, and had created a new independent nation in the Mojave Wasteland.

Is Mr House a robot?

House standing in front of an enormous, bipedal robot. The portrait is based on a real-world photograph of Howard Hughes standing in front of a Boeing 100A aircraft in 1934. The challenge A Slave Obeys requires the player character to kill Mr. House with the 9 iron or Driver Nephi’s golf club.

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