Question: How To Wrap Wheels For Courier?

How do you pack Courier wheels?

Pay particular attention to the rims, as these can be easily damaged in transit. When packing, cover the rims with a thick layer of cardboard, carpet, or bubble wrap, secured with parcel tape to hold it in place. Attaching cardboard to each rim will help prevent any damage to them during transport.

How do you package an alloy wheel?

Box the wheels up A wheel should be positioned in the very centre of its box, and should never touch the edges. The extra space around the wheel should be filled completely using soft packaging material – ideally polystyrene packing chips or scrunched paper. It is always safer to send alloy wheels in individual boxes.

What is the best way to ship tires?

You can put the tires in cardboard boxes or on a pallet. If you are using cardboard, make sure it is strong enough to handle the loading and offloading. You may also want to gather some foam or bubble wrap for extra protection, and packing peanuts to fill the space between tires and cardboard.

How much does a wheel and TYRE weigh?

175/65 R14 can weigh between 6.5 and 7.2 kg. 195/65 R15 can weigh between 8.2 and 9 kg. 20-inch tyres can weigh up to 15 kg.

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Can you ship wheels through USPS?

Yeah the way USPS works it’s usually the same price to ship one or 2 wheels in a two wheel box as it is 1 wheel in a 1 wheel sized box. So if you go USPS don’t bother to cut the box down.

Can I ship tires with FedEx?

Place the tire /crate label on the tread of the tire and apply the FedEx shipping label on top of the tire/crate label.

How much does it cost to ship a car wheel?

Shipping wheels is easier than you’d think; plan to spend $50 per wheel in shipping costs, and then maybe another $5-10 per wheel in packaging expenses. The easiest way to ship wheels is to leave tires mounted and cut out cardboard circles, then deflate and wrap in shipping wrap.

Can you send letters with Hermes?

Hermes Postable allows you to post a letter with ease, with no compromise on quality or reliability. If you do think you need letterbox postage, simply measure your item to see if it fits the letter requirements above.

How do you calculate TYRE weight?

Calculate the surface area of the part of the tire that touches the ground by multiplying the length and width of the footprint. Your answer should be in square inches. Repeat the steps above for each of the car’s four tires. Add the weight of all the tires together to get the total weight of the car.

Does FedEx ship by size or weight?

All packages must have a combined length and girth of no more than 165 inches (419 cm). An oversize charge of $30 per package will also apply to any package measuring greater than 130 inches (330 cm) in combined length and girth. Shipping charges for packages smaller than three cubic feet are based on actual weight.

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