Question: Is Bluebird Courier Legit?

Is Bluebird legit?

The Bluebird card, offered by American Express, is an FDIC-insured prepaid debit card with virtually no fees. It functions almost like a checking account, making it a useful substitute for consumers who don’t have a bank account.

Is Bluebird app safe?

No. Bluebird App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,540 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Bluebird App Is 16.8/100.

What bank is Bluebird from?

If you did not, then you can go to and log into your account and pull one up. However, when looking at their FAQs on how to deposit from tax refund, it shows American Express Centurion Bank as the bank name.

Why does Bluebird need SSN?

Bluebird features You will need to provide your Social Security Number for identity verification, but your credit score won’t be run. This also means that your account activity won’t be reported to credit bureaus, so this debit card won’t help you build credit.

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Can I withdraw money from Bluebird at Walmart?

Cash Pickup Powered by Ria allows you to withdraw cash from your Bluebird Account for pickup at any Walmart store located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. For the Bluebird® Bank Account, Cash Pickup transactions are subject to the Deposit Account Agreement. Fees and limits apply.

Which is Better Serve or Bluebird?

Foreign Transactions: Bluebird is Slightly Better As for card purchases, Serve will add a conversion fee of 2.7%. So, if you make an international purchase of $100, you’ll pay an additional $2.70. Bluebird doesn’t charge any foreign exchange fee.

Can I transfer money from Bluebird to bank account?

How do I transfer money out of my Bluebird Account? You can transfer money only to your linked checking or savings account, but not to a debit card. Log into your Bluebird Account. Go to Money Out then select Transfer to Bank.

How much is a Bluebird card at Walmart?

First, you can purchase a Bluebird Account Set Up Kit at your local Walmart store. The kit costs $5, and it includes a temporary card that you can start using right away. To complete the activation, you’ll just have to register for an account at, which is free.

Is Bluebird a Visa or Mastercard?

Bluebird® Bank Account A fee-friendly bank Account with a widely accepted Visa® Debit Card that lets you manage your money with ease and flexibility. Enjoy features like online bill pay and in-network ATM withdrawals at over 30,000 MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide – all with $0 monthly maintenance fees.

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Does Bluebird report to IRS?

Only the IRS will have the updated information on the status of your tax refund. Bluebird will notify you once your refund has been received and is ready for you to access.

Is Bluebird card a bank account?

The Bluebird® Bank Account is a fee-friendly bank account with a widely accepted Visa® debit card.

Can you transfer money from Bluebird to cash App?

You currently can’t use a prepaid card on Cash App to add funds to your account. Cash App accepts linked bank accounts and credit or debit cards backed by Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.

Does Bluebird need SSN?

The Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit Account will accept an ITIN in lieu of a Social Security number. This is a great prepaid card that won’t drain your account with fees, unlike many prepaid card accounts on the market today.

How much does it cost to put money on a bluebird card?

Reload cash onto your Bluebird card for free at Walmart, or pay a fee of up to $3.95 at retailers including CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Dollar General and participating 7-Eleven locations. Users are able to send money to other Bluebird debit account holders at no cost online and through the app.

Why is my Bluebird card being declined when I have money?

In the event you do not have sufficient Available Funds in your Bluebird Account (or Subaccount) at the time the point of sale transaction or online store transaction is initiated with your card to cover the cost of the transaction and any applicable fees, the transaction will be declined, and you agree we have no

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