Question: Who Is Courier 6?

Who was the Courier before Courier 6?

Ulysses is a courier and former Frumentarius of Caesar’s Legion. In 2281, he was one of seven couriers hired by Victor to carry strange packages to the New Vegas Strip, but his delivery was left to the Courier after Ulysses’ mysterious disappearance.

What vault is the Courier from?

In one of the endings of Dead Money, the Courier can become trapped in the Sierra Madre Casino Vault and eventually die there.

Was Joshua Graham expecting Ulysses?

When first entering a dialogue with Graham, he will refer to the player character as “the Courier he didn’t expect,” and then go on to say, “then again, he wouldn’t have come with a caravan.” The implication is that he expected Ulysses, rather than the player character, to come and attempt to assassinate him, adding to

What is the couriers real name?

My Courier’s birth name is Kelvin White, but in-game his name is “Coyote”. It’s a nickname he earned when he was an NCR Ranger, and he only answers to it as his name.

Is the courier a man?

Preferring neither the best of the NCR nor the worst of the Legion, the Courier was the man/woman responsible for a truly independent New Vegas. House and the end of the Legion’s and NCR’s influence over New Vegas.

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How old is the lone wanderer?

The Lone Wanderer has a confirmed birth date of July 13, 2258. This means the protagonist has one of the few confirmed birth dates in the game. It also confirms the Lone Wanderer was 19 at the time of Fallout 3. It is interesting to think that a 19-year-old changed the Capital Wasteland so much.

Who dies in the Courier?

Wynne makes sure Penkovsky knows his sacrifice is worth it. Penkovsky is executed and buried in an unmarked grave. Wynne is eventually released in a prisoner exchange for a Russian spy Konon Molody.

Is the courier amnesiac?

Quote by Joshua Sawyer: ” The Courier is not an amnesiac. Questions about the NCR, Legion, local goings on, etc. are present so the player does not stumble around without a clue.

Is the courier canonically male or female?

There is no definite gender for the Courier.

Why did Benny shoot the courier?

In the event Benny would have equipped a Stealth Boy in order to sneak up on the Courier and initiate dialogue in which he would mock them for showing him mercy and after that go into attack mode, which would most likely cause him to be killed by the Courier. This event was cut from the final game.

Can Ulysses become a companion?

After finishing the events of Lonesome Road, if Ulysses survived, you can recruit him as a permanent companion to follow you throughout the Mojave. * Full companion functionality – he’ll be capable of everything a regular New Vegas companion can do.

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Should I spare salt upon wounds?

If the Courier has the Sneering Imperialist perk, there are extra options referring to Salt-Upon-Wounds as ” General Gobbledegook.” One is to mock him, the other to tell Joshua Graham to “put a cap in General Gobbledigook.” With a Speech skill of 90, the Courier can ask Graham to spare him, after which he will run away.

How did Joshua Graham survive?

I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me. Graham survived the fall. He woke up the following day, burned, broken, but alive. Eventually, the fallen Legate crawled out of the northern edge of the Grand Canyon and began his journey home.

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