Quick Answer: How Do I Contact Courier Post?

How do I contact NZ Post?

You can contact us by submitting an enquiry, or by phone or post.

  1. Online enquiry. We aim to reply to enquiries by 5pm the next working day. Complete an online form.
  2. Phone. In NZ: 0800 501 501. Overseas: +64 9 977 0102.
  3. Postal address. NZ Post. National Contact Centre. Private Bag 208038. Highbrook. Auckland 2161.

Is Courier Post and NZ Post the same?

New Zealand Post has unveiled a new $15 million logo and rebrand to visually unite its Courier Post, Pace and Rural Post courier services. Currently, NZ Post’s Rural Post vans are painted red, and its Pace urgent service or Courier Post vans yellow and red, which was confusing for customers.

Where do I complain about NZ Post?

How to lodge an enquiry or make a claim

  • complete the assistance form online; or.
  • call the Customer Care Centre on 0800 501 501.

Where is the Courier Post?

The Courier-Post is at 301 Cuthbert Blvd. in Cherry Hill. The mailing address is The Courier-Post, P.O. Box 5300, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034. For customer service and home-delivery, call (800) 677-6289.

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What happens if a parcel goes missing?

So, if a parcel does go missing you can ask to cancel the order and receive your money back. If there wasn’t a set date chosen for delivery, the company has 30 days to issue the refund. It really helps to know your rights when it comes to delivery issues.

Can someone else pick up my parcel NZ Post?

If you, or someone else, is picking up the parcel please bring a copy of the notification email (printed or on your phone) along with photo identification: Acceptable forms of ID are: New Zealand passport New Zealand driver’s license Overseas passport Kiwi Access card (formerly HANZ 18+ card) New Zealand Certificate of

How do I arrange a courier to collect an item?

How to arrange our courier service?

  1. Head to our quote and book page and enter your parcel details.
  2. Select your preferred service and pickup/drop off option.
  3. Choose additional compensation cover if required.
  4. Pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal.
  5. The parcel label will be emailed for you to print and affix to the parcel.

What is difference between post and Courier?

A courier service is a premium, all-inclusive service which collects and delivers shipments in the shortest possible time frame, while postal services are generally used for transporting letters and parcels which can sometimes take some time to arrive at their final destination.

Which is faster speed post or courier?

In major cities, the performance of speed post is faster and more reliable. The postal service delivers 99% of letters through speed post within 1-9 days as compared to 92% by private courier services that take up to 10 days. At the local level, the delivery by speed post is 98% compared to 93% by courier services.

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What if a package gets lost in the mail?

You can report a missing USPS package by filing a claim at the USPS claims site. The sender or receiver of a USPS package can file a claim, but the original purchase receipt must be available. You can receive a refund for mail that is lost or never delivered to its final destination as long as the package is insured.

Why is my parcel delayed NZ Post?

There are currently no delays expected to deliveries for parcels and mail across NZ. There are some delays for international items due to airfreight capacity and government restrictions. Use our Tracking tool to check your parcel status.

Who is responsible if item lost in post?

The short answer is: The seller, which means you, the business owner. Obviously, if you printed the wrong address on the shipping label, didn’t include a return address, or poorly packaged the item, it’s 100% on you to compensate the customer with a new shipment or a refund.

How much is the Sunday Courier Post?

Of course, you can get online access bundled with home delivery. For the same $10 per month, you can get online and the Sunday newspaper. Or, for $14 per month you can get Thursday-Sunday in print along with online access. And the final option is $21 per month for full week home delivery coupled with online access.

How do I cancel my Courier Post subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, contact customer service at 1-800-677-6289.

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