Quick Answer: How To Open Ecom Express Courier Franchise?

How can I open ECOM Express franchise?

Investment for Ecom Express Franchise in India

  1. Area required: 300 to 400 Sq.Ft.
  2. Investment: 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.
  3. Royalty fees: N/A.
  4. Return on Investment: 65%

Is ECOM Express profitable?

Ecom Express—Growth and Revenue Ecom Express’ revenue got increased from INR 579 Cr in the fiscal year 2017-2018 to INR 1018 Cr in 2018-2019, which is a 76% increase. The net loss is also reduced from INR 526 Cr to INR 129 Cr, thus 2018-2019 is a virtuous year of revenue accomplishment for Ecom Express.

Which courier franchise is best?

The top courier franchise in India are:

  • Day Xpress Courier and Cargo Services.
  • Delhivery.
  • King Worldwide.
  • Shree Venkateswara Cargo Express.
  • SpreadWings Courier & Cargo.
  • Pick Me Express.
  • Elbex Courier.
  • Super Fast Logistics.

How can I contact ECOM Express?

Corporate Office

  1. For shipment related or any other query. Please contact. +91-8376888888 (from 8:00am to 10:00pm)
  2. If you want to sign up for our services, Please contact. +91-8826398220 (from 8:00am to 10:00pm)
  3. For Verification of Employment of former employees. Please write to. [email protected].
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How can I call back ECOM express delivery boy?

Ecom Express Customer Care Number

  1. Ecom Express Customer Care – +91-8376 888888.
  2. Looking to sign up for our Ecom shipping services?
  3. Website – EcomExpress.in.
  4. Registered Office.
  5. Corporate Office.

Who is the owner of Ecom Express?

T.A. Krishnan – Co -Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Ecom Express Private Limited | LinkedIn.

Which companies use Ecom Express?

Satyanarayana and Sanjeev Saxena, the company’s clients include Amazon, Flipkart and HomeShop18. Ecom Express focuses on the e-commerce segment and delivers to around 25,000 pin codes across 2,400 cities in India.

Is Delhivery a unicorn?

Delhivery became a unicorn in 2019 when it raised $413 million in a Series F round led by SoftBank Vision Fund, along with existing investors Carlyle Group and Fosun International. It was then valued at $1.5 billion.

Is Delhivery franchise profitable?

Profit Percentage Profit is a major concern or the most contributing factor while deciding on a brand’s Franchise. According to Delhivery, the expected or anticipated returns on investment is around 15%.

How do I start my own courier business?

How to start a courier service business

  1. Start with a business plan.
  2. Develop a cash flow projection.
  3. Understand and define the brand of service.
  4. Determine needed vehicle(s)
  5. Prepare/acquire the right items/equipment.
  6. If needed, look for additional financing.
  7. Hire the right people.
  8. Invest in good marketing.

How do I start a delivery business?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Food Delivery Business in India

  1. 1 Growing Demand for Food Delivery Businesses.
  2. 2 Find a Niche.
  3. 3 Define Your Target Audience.
  4. 4 Create a Website.
  5. 5 Curate a Mobile App.
  6. 6 Strong Delivery Network.
  7. 7 Obtain Licenses.
  8. 8 Market Your Website.
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How can I talk to Delhivery customer care?

Please visit www.delhivery.com/services / and click on ‘Contact us’ to share your details with us.

How do I return an item to ECOM Express?

Customer Support

  1. Go to the ‘Orders’ tab in the left menu.
  2. Now, click on ‘All Orders’
  3. For all shipments that have been marked as ‘Delivered’, you will automatically find a ‘Create Return’ option.
  4. Click on ‘Create Return’
  5. A new page with prefilled details about your order will open.

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