Readers ask: How To Pack A Watch For Courier?

How do you pack a watch for shipping?

If you’re shipping the watch without its original box, use extra bubble wrap and seal it with tape so it can’t come off. Then put it inside a cardboard box. Finally, place the cardboard box inside a second, larger one (also padded with bubble wrap) and seal it shut with heavy-duty packing tape.

Can we send watch via courier?

Yes you can send it through speedpost. The parcel must be properly packed and sealed. Yes you can send a watch. You may opt simple Speed Post or SP with Insurance and acknowledgment facility for a better and extra secure delivery.

What is the best way to ship an expensive watch?

UPS is Generally the Best Carrier for a Luxury Watch Shipment. For shipping out luxury watches of a higher value, UPS is the best carrier of choice.

How are luxury watches delivered?

All UK Purchases are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees to have your watch with you by 1pm signed for and fully insured.

What is not allowed in courier?

Prohibited Goods not permitted to book in any network Gambling devices, lottery tickets. Human Corpses, Organs or Body Parts. Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by law. Plants and plant material including Seeds and Cut Flowers.

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Is it legal to send cash by courier?

As per law, it is illegal to send currency notes and coins by mail or courier service. Courier services such as DTDC, DHL, FedEx etc will check for the presence of money in their packages. If found, they won’t allow it to be shipped and will ask the sender to remove such items.

Does DHL accept medicines?

No matter where you need us to go, DHL Medical Express delivers investigational medicines, vaccines, kits and clinical supplies safely to the desired destination. Patient samples and other return flows from clinics are carefully delivered back to central laboratories for analysis and testing.

Can Rolex ship watches?

Rolex ships its watches in a special shipping safe separate from the watch boxes you see in the jewelry store. The shipping case is very small but durable. Undoubtedly, they ship their watches by air freight.

Can you ship a Rolex?

We recommend you use Priority Registered U.S. Mail when sending in your watch for repair. You should pack the watch in a box with bubble wrap (Do not send original watch box). The post office will use paper tape to seal the seams and then stamp the seams to show the box has not been tampered with during shipping.

How are Rolexes transported?

Rolex employs a series of extremely meticulous security checks and they had a James Bond-style safe that is located a few floors underground. When Rolex parts move from location to location, they are transported in highly discreet unmarked (and likely heavily armored) trucks.

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What percentage does Chrono24 take?

Once you sell your watch, we charge a modest 6.5% commission fee. As a result, you will make a higher profit selling on Chrono24 than you would if you went to a jeweler or auction house. When is the commission fee due? The 6.5% commission fee is only due after you’ve completed a sale on Chrono24.

How do you post a watch?

Ensure your watch is well protected; wrap the watch in bubble wrap, tissue or a padded envelope to add extra protection. Place the watch in a jiffy bag, padded envelope or plastic box. (Please do not send your original watch presentation box)

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