Readers ask: How To Subscribe To The Courier-journal Louisville Kentucky?

How much does the Courier-Journal cost?

Unlimited Digital Access: $39.00/yr. promotional rate, then $59.00/yr promotional rate * We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to subscribe. Your subscription includes full access on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Where can I buy the Courier-Journal?

Visit to search and order copies of the newspaper.

How do I contact the Louisville Courier-Journal?

Customer Service

  1. Mailing Address: The Courier-Journal. P.O. Box 740031. Louisville, KY 40201-7431.
  2. Customer Service: (800) 866-2211.
  3. Main Switchboard: (502) 582-4011.
  4. Advertising: (888) 702-2585.
  5. Classified Advertising: (502) 582-2622.

How much is a subscription to the Courier?

£15.99 recurring monthly or get 2 months free with our Annual subscription. An icon of a tick mark. Enjoy the daily print edition of The Courier newspaper on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

How do I unsubscribe from Courier Journal?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, contact customer service at 1-800-866-2211. Balances less than $10.00 will not be refunded.

How much is the Courier Journal Sunday paper?

Courier Journal – Sunday SubscriptionAbout 99¢ Per Week Coupon.

How do I place an ad in The Courier Journal?

Classified Ads A: To place an ad by phone, please contact us at 502-582-2622 or visit our Classifieds Self Service portal. Q: Who do I contact for general questions about classified ads? A: Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer your question.

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Who was the editor of Courier quit?

Barry Bingham, Jr. served as editor and publisher until he resigned in 1986, shortly after his father announced that the newspaper company was for sale, in large measure because of disagreements between Bingham Jr.

Who is the editor of the Courier Journal?

Mary Irby-Jones, a veteran journalist who stresses community outreach, was named the top editor of The Courier Journal on Tuesday. She said it will be an “honor” to become executive editor of the news organization, which has earned 11 Pulitzer Prizes, including one for breaking news in 2020.

Is the courier a daily newspaper?

Six days a week The Courier serves its communities with international, national and, most importantly, local news, politics, business, sport, farming and features. Daily, the newspaper produces three geographical editions: Perth and Perthshire, Fife, Angus and Dundee.

How do I cancel my courier account?

How do I cancel a courier shipment made today?

  1. To cancel a courier that you have made today, login at, hover over the “Track” tab and select “Edit/Cancel.”
  2. Click the red “Cancel” icon and hit “Okay.”
  3. Once completed, the order status will change to “CANCELLED.”

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