Readers ask: Is The Courier Part Of The Legion?

Can the Courier lead the Legion?

But seriously, probably not. The protagonist in the game doesn’t fill a leadership role but more of an agent or servant of other people. However, it’s a role playing game so whether the Courier would make a viable leader or not depends on your character.

Can a female Courier side with the Legion?

If your courier is female and siding with the Legion, then when the Legion finally manages to settle/conquer America, it can use the Female Courier’s legacy as a sort of symbol for woman’s rights, which could eventually evolve into equal rights for everyone.

Is the Courier from a vault?

The Courier is the Joker in the deck of Vault playing cards included with the Collector’s Edition of Fallout: New Vegas. Josh Sawyer stated that the developers “intentionally left the Courier’s origins and the exact nature of the initial transaction vague” but carried their “delivery from southern NCR, toward the Hub.”

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Is the Courier a descendant of the Vault Dweller?

Judging from the approximate 30 year gap between Fallout 2 and New Vegas, it’s unlikely the Courier and Chosen One are directly related (despite the Chosen One having a child with Angela Bishop), maybe cousins somewhere.

Does the Legion use guns?

Firearms are used by the Legion, but only by the decanus, officers of the Legion, and other high ranking Legionnaires such as centurions.

Is Legate Lanius multiple people?

Or, possibly, all of the stories are true in their own way, and Legatus Lanius is multiple people under one name. You see, that’s the problem with masks. We don’t know who’s actually under the mask until they take it off, especially when they’re in a heavy armored suit of heavy-gauge steel.

Can you fight in the Legion Arena as a woman?

Females are not allowed to voluntarily fight in the arena.

Can you join Caesar’s Legion?

Caesar’s Legion is a ruthless slaver society who is at the doorstep of the NCR (New California Republic) and Mr. If their group interests you, it is possible to join their ranks and serve under Caesar. To get the chance to join Caesar, you must continue the main questline until you reach the “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” quest.

How do you get to Cottonwood Cove in Fallout New Vegas?

Take I-15 North toward Las Vegas exiting at Highway 164-E (Nipton Road), from there head East to Searchlight. Highway 164 turns into Cottonwood Cove Road. Continue for 14 miles on Cottonwood Cove Road before arriving at Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina.

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Who is the courier based on?

As shown in the credits of the movie, The Courier is a true story of Greville Wynne who was appointed by the Secret Intelligence Service in 1960 to make a quick sales trip in Moscow and arrange meetings with important state officials, while also reporting all the details of the conversation back to the MI6.

What is the couriers real name?

My Courier’s birth name is Kelvin White, but in-game his name is “Coyote”. It’s a nickname he earned when he was an NCR Ranger, and he only answers to it as his name.

What vault is the courier from?

In one of the endings of Dead Money, the Courier can become trapped in the Sierra Madre Casino Vault and eventually die there.

What is the chosen one trope?

Tropes can be described as commonly used ideas or clichés among stories that can help define a genre. The chosen one trope, for example, is a trope commonly used in fantasy as well as science fiction. The chosen one is exactly what it sounds like, someone that was chosen by something or someone.

Is the chosen one male or female?

The Chosen One, is the player character in Fallout 2, and the grandchild of the Vault Dweller. The player can select their gender, age (between 16 and 35), and playthrough. The article is written in a gender-neutral manner to reflect this.

Is the chosen one alive?

They’re still alive. Marcus hasn’t seen the Chosen One since the oil rig blew up, so he doesn’t know what exactly became of them.

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