Readers ask: What Is Courier Zone In Station Or Outstation?

What is outstation courier?

Deliveries at extreme locations like district and taluka places. We have special arrangements to deliver with a person who carries the document or parcel personally.

Which courier service is used by VFS in India?

If you have opted for the Courier Service, your passport will be dispatched to you via DX Securemail. You will be able to begin tracking your DX Securemail envelope on the day after you have been notified it is being dispatched to you from the Visa Application Centre.

What is Zone A and Zone B in Shiprocket?

ZONE A – When a courier company ships a parcel within the same city. ZONE B – When a courier company picks up and delivers a parcel within the same state. ZONE C – When pick-up and delivery are done in metro cities.

What is Zone in Shiprocket?

Zone in logistics refers to a defined geographical location that comprises of several other detailed localities. A zone is used in logistics to assign packages to a courier company for delivery. Zone is also used by the shipper to check the serviceability of a particular courier partner.

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Which courier service is best?

10 Fastest Courier Services in India That Save You Time and Money

  • Shiprocket.
  • Bluedart.
  • Delhivery.
  • DotZot.
  • Gati.
  • DHL.
  • FedEx.
  • XpressBees.

Which courier is used for passport?

The passport is dispatched by India Post through Speed Post to the present address of the applicant as filled in the passport application form.

Which courier service is used by VFS UK in India?

For all UK visa applicants, VFS Global, in collaboration with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), has launched an optional service for UK visa applicants in India – the Premium Courier 500 – that provides an additional cover for the processed passports and documents being returned via courier.

How can I track my VFS Courier?

You can track your application via online/web chat/helpline number/email. To track your application online, you’ll have to enter the Tracking ID number mentioned on the receipt received from the Visa Application Centre, and your Date of Birth.

What are shipping zones?

Shipping zones is a term used by shipping carriers to measure the distance a package travels from the point of origin to the final destination. Carriers use these zones to define pricing contracts where each package price is based on the destination zone.

What is Shiprocket v2 freight?

06 Apr, 2015 by Puneet Bhalla – 4 min read. Shipping Bill or Freight Bill is the invoice raised by Shiprocket for all the shipped orders from your account. This invoice is raised every 2nd and 4th week of the month. It contains all the details of your shipments such as shipping date, courier partner etc.

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What is zonal delivery?

Local (Intracity): Item shipped within a city. Zonal ( Intrazone): Item shipped within the borders of a zone (North, South, East, West) National (Interzone): Item shipped across zones.

How do I send a parcel in one day?

When you use Wefast courier services not only do you get your product in one day but you also get:

  1. The Fastest Courier Service and Delivery.
  2. Delivery As Soon As Possible Guaranteed.
  3. 90 Minute Delivery Goal.
  4. Or Specified Time Delivery for Your Delivery Needs.
  5. Low Prices for the Fastest Courier Available to You.

What is Dart Apex?

Dart Apex is a door-to-door day-definite delivery service within India for shipments weighing 10kgs and above. It is the fastest, most efficient delivery solution for your commercial shipments that are time-bound and are required to undergo regulatory clearances or require special handling.

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