What 3 Armies Did The Courier Defeat At Hoover Dam?

Who won the battle for Hoover Dam?

“2277 Legion forces under the command of the Malpais Legate fail to wrest control of Hoover Dam from the NCR. Despite heavy casualties, the NCR’s victory is celebrated back home.”

When did the Second Battle of Hoover Dam happen?

The Second Battle of Hoover Dam is the conjectural name applied to the second offensive mounted by Caesar’s Legion against New California Republic forces entrenched on Hoover Dam in 2282, as well as on the surrounding Mojave Wasteland.

Who canonically won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam?

ncr canonically won the second battle of hoover dam:: Fallout: New Vegas General Discussions.

What happens after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam?

The New California Republic celebrated its second victory at Hoover Dam, establishing definitive control over the entire Mojave Wasteland. Soon after, they negotiated terms to annex The Strip, Freeside, and many surrounding communities. The Mojave Wasteland, at long last, had entirely fallen under the NCR’s banner.

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Why does the NCR want Hoover Dam?

Cassandra Moore: “It’s of immense strategic value to the NCR. Hoover Dam sends enough electricity west to light every city and major settlement. It’s moderately defensible, with a single point of entry on the east side. To get to the power plants below, the enemy has to cross the entire top.

Are the Powder Gangers part of the NCR?

House or No Gods, No Masters for an Independent New Vegas. With Cooke dead, the Powder Gangers at Vault 19 fell apart. After the Vault 19 Powder Gang surrendered to the NCR, they were re-incorporated into the correctional system.

Can you play New Vegas after Hoover Dam?

New Vegas, revered by the Fallout cognoscenti, now has a proper end-game mod, in which the world goes on after the all-out fight at Hoover Dam. Previous mods allowed players to continue with other side quests and activities after the conclusion. Enter “FPGE,” which means simply Functional Post-Game Ending.

Where did the NCR originate?

NCR was founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 1884 and acquired by AT&T in 1991.

How big is the NCR army?

Population of NCR itself is almost a million for sure, so the army is probably around 100–150k (my guess). Chief Hanlon states that they’re losing 1,000 troops a year. If we assume that each year they lose and replace 10% of their army in the Mojave, they have 10,000 soldiers in the Mojave theatre alone.

Which ending of Fallout New Vegas is canon?

For Fallout: New Vegas, I used the same technique and found that the ‘canon’ end to New Vegas would be assisting the NCR to take Hover Dam and driving Ceaser’s Legion out of the area and annexing The Strip and the surrounding communities. Leaving only the Minutemen and the Railroad as the canon version of the ending.

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Who is Legate Lanius?

Legate Lanius is the military commander of Caesar’s Legion and Caesar’s most trusted war leader. Commonly referred to as the Monster of the East or Terror of the East, he replaced Joshua Graham in this role after the defeat during the First Battle of Hoover Dam and led a campaign of expansion to the East.

How do you side with the NCR?

You can’t actually join them. You can unlock their safe house and be idolized and stuff, but you can’t join them. in the storyline, if you get popular with the NCR they will send someone to you after you leave the lucky 38.

How do Legionaries flush through turbines?

The mechanic will make a suggestion to flush the Legion invaders through the generator’s turbines. Head to the Hoover Dam Power Plant 03, where you can find the console #2. [Science 65] use the terminal to engage the turbines and flush the Legion troops out.

How do you get to the Hoover Dam battle?

Top Voted Answer. Travel to the new vegas strip, go into new vegas. fallow the road through 2 more doors anf you will come to the area the ambassador is in. all the way in the back left there is an ncr camp with the flag flyin high, go into the fenced are and he is in the building on your left.

How does the NCR emergency radio work?

The radio can be used to call an NCR trooper or ranger even if the Courier already has both a humanoid and a non-humanoid companion. After giving the radio, the NCR ranger who delivers it will run across the map to the entrance of Camp McCarran, where they will despawn.

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